Health Informatics Competency Self Assessment Tool

As a service to all health informatics professionals, UKCHIP now provides the opportunity for anyone to assess their competencies against the published UKCHIP standards for registration.

The assessment tool produces a recommendation for the level at which you could register with UKCHIP and also creates a report outlining the areas where you may wish to develop your competences in health informatics. This can be helpful in determining your learning needs and also as part of your work-based personal development planning.

The assessment tool is free to use as a standalone activity that does not require you to register with UKCHIP. However if you do wish to register, the outcome of the assessment will be included in your application as part of the UKCHIP registration process.

Before you can use the Self Assessment tool, you need to click on the Sign Up button above to create a username and password that enables you to return to the self assessment tool at any time.

Returning users should use the Login button.

UKCHIP Online Registration & CPD Support Tool

The UKCHIP online registration process has now been revised and improved to support new applicants and those renewing their annual registration.

The registration tool incorporates a facility to create your annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan, which is required when you apply for initial registration or renew annually.

A new feature provides an online CPD diary to record details of the activities you undertake to meet your annual CPD plan.

If you are not a current registrant, please use the Sign Up button to complete a Self Assessment first. Returning users and registrants, including those whose registration has lapsed, should use the Login button.