UKCHIP Public Register of Health Informatics Professionals

The UKCHIP online public register allows you to confirm that a health informatics professional is legitimately on our register. It is linked directly to our database, which means that any changes we make to a registrant's status are shown immediately on the register.

Registration with UKCHIP is currently voluntary and inclusion on the register shows that a health informatician has met the criteria for registration at the relevant level and agrees to work to the code of conduct.

You can search the register by first or last name or a string of letters in either, which will show all those names containing that string. You may also have to search for alternate spellings such as Clark/Clarke, Smith/Smythe, Potter-Harrop / Harrop to ensure all potential matches are found. If you do not find the person you are looking for then please emaill, with all the details you know, to check a registration.

The register shows the date at which a registrant's current registration ends. Registrants have up to four weeks after the renewal date in which to renew their registration. The date does not indicate how long a registrant has been on the register in total. If you would like information regarding a registrant's previous registration dates please email

The town displayed on the register is the approximate geographical location in which the registrant works.

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